About Us

Philosophy Break is a social enterprise dedicated to getting more people engaged with philosophy.

We're on a mission to promote the ideas of humanity's best minds to cultivate curiosity, engender clarity around life's big questions, and ultimately empower as many people as possible to fully realize their human potential.

Why? Well, the addictive nature of the digital world afflicts many of us. The relentless torrent of information saturates our attention spans. But life is finite, and the things we give attention to define our lives. It's crucial to break free from the turbulent current and come up for air.

How can we best spend our lives on earth? What makes you happy? What gives you purpose? We believe philosophy is the antidote to a world saturated by information, and that the more people engage with philosophy, the more fulfilling their lives will be.

Philosophy Break wraps philosophy’s best ideas, quotes, and questions in a modern package to break through the noise of everyday life, encourage critical thinking, and supplement a meaningful existence.

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If you're looking to learn more about philosophy, our article on Bertrand Russell discussing why philosophy matters, as well as our reading list on the best introductions to philosophy, are good places to start.

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Advisory Board

Jack MadenFounder & Director

Stephanie McAuliffeEducation Advisor

Josh BrewinCommercial Advisor

Bayo AdeoshunSocial Advisor

Sophie DundovicEconomics Advisor

Anís GammageStrategy Advisor

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