What is Philosophy Break?

Philosophy Break is a clearing in your cluttered newsfeed. Each break takes only a few minutes to read, and is designed to expand your mind and spark your philosophical curiosity — from how best to live our lives, to the ultimate nature of the worlds we live in.

Philosophy Break

Our mission

Philosophy Break was created in 2018 by Jack Maden with a simple mission: to get more people engaged with philosophy.

Why? Because we believe philosophy is the antidote to a world saturated by information — and that the more people engage with philosophy, the more fulfilling their lives will be.

The value of living philosophically

Why is there something rather than nothing? What responsibilities do we have towards the world and each other? What is consciousness? What is matter? Why are we here? Do our lives have significance when all of us will die?

We believe it is only by acknowledging and thoughtfully facing up to such questions that people can live authentically, cultivate meaningful existences, and fully realize their human potential.

Reading the works of great thinkers on life, the universe, and what it all means is extremely rewarding, and philosophy as a historical subject has much to offer in this regard. But beyond this passive learning, it is active philosophizing that we seek to popularize.

To philosophize means thinking for yourself, it means asking 'why', it means challenging assumptions and harnessing your curiosity to forge your own path — be it on matters concerning faith and existence, how to make a better world, or simply working out what's important to you and worth pursuing in life.

For as Socrates, the infamous martyr of philosophy, declared:

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

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If you're looking to learn more about philosophy, our article on the great Bertrand Russell discussing why philosophy matters, as well as our reading list on the best introductions to philosophy, are good places to start.

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Philosophy Break

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