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Stormy Sea at Night, by Ivan Aivazovsky
The Sun, Edvard Munch (c. 1911)
Storm in the Mountains, Albert Bierstadt (c. 1870)
Heidegger On Authenticity, the They, and Everydayness
Iris Murdoch on the Morality of Attention, and the Hostile Mother-in-Law
Delos Museum Mosaik Dionysos 06
Destruction of Tyre, by John Martin (1789 - 1854)
Why Nature vs. Nurture is a False Dichotomy: Mary Midgley
Peter Singer On the Life You Can Save
typing keyboard daniel dennett
Aldous Huxley: Other People’s Lives are Ultimately Unknowable
Does Nozick’s Experience Machine Refute Hedonism?
Vincent van Gogh, Public Garden with a Couple and a Blue Fir Tree
Do Neurons Push Thoughts Around? Or Do Thoughts Push Neurons Around?
Marcus Aurelius: To Live a Good Life, Practice Kindness
Albert Bierstadt, Farallon Islands (1872)
New Year’s Resolutions
The Greatest Happiness of the Greatest Number: What Bentham Really Meant
Amor Fati: the Stoics’ and Nietzsche’s Different Takes on Loving Fate
The Porcupine’s Dilemma: Schopenhauer’s Wistful Parable on Human Connection
Sartre’s Waiter, ‘Bad Faith’, and the Harms of Inauthenticity
Byung-Chul Han’s Burnout Society: Our Only Imperative is to Achieve
Copernican Revolution
Seneca: To Find Peace, Stop Chasing Unfulfillable Desires
Kierkegaard: Life Can Only Be Understood Backwards, But Must Be Lived Forwards
Self Reliance, Ralph Waldo Emerson
Descartes I think therefore I am
Mont Blanc Sunset, Wenzel Hablik, oil on canvas, 1906
La Douleur (Sorrow) (1868-1869) by Paul Cézanne
On Living Meaningfully in a Vast Universe: Robert Nozick
Berlin by Night, by Lesser Ury
Dichotomy of control
Bierstadt - Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Chinese lanterns
Lotus Flower Buddhism
Aristotle On the 3 Types of Friendship
Monte Civetta, by Elijah Walton (1867)
The Buddha in Bhutan
Landscape of Ancient Greece, by Pierre Henri de Valenciennes
The Garden of Epicurus
Aristotle with a Bust of Homer, Rembrandt
Fear of Black Consciousness, by Lewis Gordon
Aristotle On Why Leisure Defines Us More than Work
Life is Hard, by Kieran Setiya
Epicurus Principal Doctrines
If a tree falls in the forest, and there's no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?
eternal recurrence nietzsche
David Deutsch cosmic significance
God is dead Nietzsche
what is solipsism
Nasty, Brutish, and Short: Adventures in Philosophy with My Kids Scott Hershovitz
Nietzsche Quotes
A Defense of the Unmodified Body Clare Chambers
God is dead Nietzsche
The Good Life Method Meghan Sullivan Paul Blaschko
Epicurus On Why Death Does Not Concern Us
what is metaphysics
Socratic Method
Seneca Stoicism
Mind Chat Philip Goff Keith Frankish
George Berkeley Subjective Idealism
John Locke Empiricism Tabula Rasa
Jonny Thomson Interview
Is the World Around Us Real?
Why Does Anything Exist?
socrates and the socratic paradox
Lucretius - death is nothing to fear
Hannah Arendt Banality of Evil
trapped butterfly
busy street
Bertrand Russell philosophy matters
hawaii coastline
free will illusion
Camus Sisyphus absurdity
living in a simulation bostrom
Nietzsche perspectivism
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